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Karla E. Hurd, Principal

In 2007, Karla Hurd founded Key Property Solutions, Inc. and became a partner and co-founder of the Symmetry Group, a boutique commercial property management firm.  She managed the Symmetry Group for five years before transitioning back to Key Property Solutions, Inc.

Karla attended the University of San Francisco where she played volleyball for the Dons and earned her Bachelors of Business Administration.  She developed a passion for start-ups and working closely with budding entrepreneurs.  Directly out of college, Karla co-founded and led a small wholesale company in San Francisco where she acquired a variety of skills, including those in vendor management, lease negotiation, and accounting.  In 2004, Karla’s interests and skills led her to real estate and bookkeeping, and she has been focused on commercial property management since 2007.  The entrepreneurial spirit never left her and is what spurned her to start her own firm.  Karla has held a California Broker’s License since 2008.Karla

Karla’s current portfolio consists of a mix of office, retail and industrial buildings.  She focuses her attention on the day-to-day management of the buildings, bookkeeping, budgeting, management plans, client and tenant relations, vendor coordination, tenant improvements as well as negotiations for tenant renewals and expansions.  She especially enjoys allowing clients to focus on what they do best, while she manages the bookkeeping and financial side of their small businesses.

In her free time, Karla enjoys playing volleyball, listening to podcasts, mainly about Bitcoin, and spending time outdoors.  She loves carving out time with her two teenage boys, Griffin and Paxton, her daughter, Daphne, and her husband, Josh.